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Meet Our Wranglers

Our wranglers have their home sables, but will move from stable to stable depending where the need is, so you might see any of these wranglers at any of our stables.

Look at that group of "good-looking" cowgirl and cowboy wranglers.
These wranglers are dedicated to seeing that you have a
safe and pleasant ride, and they are just waiting to take you for the
horseback ride you have always dreamed of.

When you return, the wrangler will help you off of your horse and, if needed, help you walk off a few kinks, and invite you to come back soon. However, this is not the end of the wrangler's responsibility. They regularly check the horses and equipment to insure that everyone has a safe and pleasant ride. At the end of the day, they remove the saddle and bridle off each horse, check for any damaged equipment, and see that all tack is stored properly. Once that is done, the horses are turned out to their pasture, where they are fed and watered for the night.

Our wranglers are a very dedicated group of people.  Whether it's the first ride out on a brisk morning or the last ride in after dark, they love what they do and work very hard to insure that everyone has a good time. So, if you enjoyed your ride, PLEASE tip generously.

We look forward to taking you on a safe and pleasurable horseback ride through the beautiful Coconino National Forest. Give us a call and reserve your ride today.

From bottom left: Jarred, Josh, Corey, Steven, Gabe, Chad
Middle Left: Serena, Cami, Christina, Chandra
On the horse: Sheila

Pot A Stables wranglers are very special and dedicated people. Although they are paid a minimal wage, they receive the majority of their salary from your tips. This assures us that our clients are going to experience a safe and memorable horseback ride.

You may think that a wrangler's job is just to ride along with you, but that is only a small portion of it. They get up very early to feed the horses. Once the horses have finished eating, they bring them to the hitching area where they are groomed and saddled. During this time, the wranglers are checking the health and well-being of each horse and the safety of their equipment.

Now the horses are ready and waiting for you. Upon your arrival, a wrangler will greet you and see that you are matched up with the right horse for your size, age, and riding ability. In addition, we try to match your personality with that of the horse.

Next we will help you onto your horse, and see that your saddle is properly fitted. After a short lesson of how to communicate with your horse, and reviewing a few rules of the road, you will be on your way to a wonderful horseback ride.

On your ride, your wrangler will be responsible for your safety, as well as educating you with information about the area, pointing out any wildlife that may be present, and seeing that you are enjoying your ride.

Why do wrangles live this life style?
They love horses, and want to share that experience with you.